Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Nostrils

Sounds like a good title for a book don’t you think.  Remember in my last post I mentioned not letting the kids frost the cupcakes or the can of frosting wouldn’t do the whole two dozen?  Well, this morning, I opened up the pan of cupcakes to put the remaining ones onto a smaller plate so I could wash the pan and found this . . .

Missing nostrils-nothing to sneeze at?

Missing nostrils-nothing to sneeze at?


Now the question is, who dunnit?  We brought the cupcakes with us this weekend, so I have all the usual suspects plus a host of others that like to play a good joke. 

Oh well, I still had the majority of the butterscotch chips in the refrigerator.   So I replaced the missing nostrils and now my pigs can sneeze if they please again.


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