A camping we will go. . .

or at least some of us.  The boys are off for a weekend of camping Cub Scout style.  Which probably means that all their underwear will come back clean except the ones they left home in, lol.

Well, the girls and I will get to have some fun of our own.  I’m going to see what movies are playing and then maybe we can go to a matinee tomorrow.  Lydia wants to see this year’s Harry Potter movie, so if it’s still in the theaters, maybe we’ll see that together.  I understand they’ve lightened it up a bit so it’s rated PG instead of the PG-13 of the last two.

Got to run and get distilled water to change out and clean up the fish tank.  At least Molly and Flick are still doing well.  So I guess I’ll break my ban on fish pictures and post one for you.

Flick and Molly

Flick and Molly

Molly has started to lose her black stripe.  I’m not sure if it’s the food I’ve been giving them or just a normal goldfish thing.  I have also read that some fish are injected with dyes to change or enhance their colors, but Molly is still the original VBS fish so she seems to be too hardy to have been artificially colored.  Just another weird chapter in the raising of a goldfish.


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