We went, We saw, We got . . .

scared.  Ditty & I went to HP6 last Saturday.  It was still playing in a theater in the next town over, so we went out to lunch together and then to the movie.  Ditty told me later that she had gotten a little scared during parts of the movie.  Really?  That must have been why I had to remind her three times not to bite her nails.  There were definitely some suspenseful parts and the Inferi were downright scary.  Ditty asked why they hadn’t rated this movie PG-13 like the last two as it was more scary in her opinion than either of the last two.  Good question.  I agree with her rating of the movie.  So, why doesn’t the movie making business ask parents to rate the movies they make?  Probably because we’ll just call most of it trash which will never get movie theaters to show the stuff.  Gee, considering some of the current offerings, that would be a bummer (sarc).

The boys had a great time at scout camp.  BooBoo even came home singing some of the camp songs.  He also came home with a bad allergic reaction to the ragweed.  I’ve been giving him Claritin and using his nebulizer to help him breathe but I will need to insist on a referral to a pediatric allergist so the boy can get back to normal breathing.

Well, I’m off to switch the laundry and get ready for my drive to the cities so I can donate blood today.


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