Way too busy again

Okay, I thought I was going to stop volunteering for everything and anything but apparently my will power sucks!  I am now volunteering one day per week in the kitchen at the kid’s school and have volunteered for two special events so far.  Yeah, I’m not going to kid myself anymore that I have any will power to say no when it comes to helping out at my kid’s school.  I like these people and can’t stand to see them in need with not enough people stepping up to help out.  I just can’t stand by and do nothing.  Oh well, that’s supposed to be a good quality, isn’t it?

I ate lunch with BooBoo yesterday.  I was helping out with the health screenings for our school.  I did the height and weight measuring station because we started early in the morning, and quite frankly, I needed something that did not require major brain power on my part.  The mother of one of his classmates asked if he was having fun in second grade.  His response was: “Yes, I haven’t hit anyone at all this year.”  She had a look of shock on her face at his answer.  Thankfully it was because she didn’t think that he would have hit anyone anyway.  She had just hoped he was having a fun year and enjoying his classes and teachers.  BooBoo is maturing well and has managed to retain his capacity for honest, straight forward conversation.

We played Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader with the kids last night.  We got the board game for Christmas last year.  Yes, we could have got the dvd version, but I hate technological games and much prefer a good, old fashioned board game that gets people sitting around the kitchen table for their fun.  I feel it’s more interactive and interpersonal than playing with the TV.  DH, Ditty and I made it to the million dollar mark.  ClaireBear hit half a mil before dropping out of school.  For BooBoo, we do just five first and five second grade questions. Letting the adults drop hints is permitted along with the usual three cheats for him.  He also managed to get to the half million spot before dropping out.  Ditty’s Knowledge Bowl advisors recommended watching the tv show or playing the game to help the kids get ready for the types of questions they can expect to receive during a practice session or a meet.  We’re looking for more good thinking games so if you have any recommendations, post them here.

Today BooBoo has his first swim lesson since last winter.  He has been very upset last night and this morning.  Somehow, he got the idea that he actually needed to know how to swim in the deep end already.  He’s only on level two so there’s no way the instructor will send him into water over his head without a life jacket on him.  Poor kid was in tears this morning as he left.  I gave him a long hug and several kisses before he tearfully went off with Dad for his lesson.  Since he’s eight now, he really needs to have Dad take him so he can use the boys locker room.  I don’t want him in a locker room alone at this age.

We’re taking the kids to the Math & Science Family Fun Day at the U of M today.  We had a great time last year and the kids should have fun again with all of the stuff to do there.  I like hands on math and science, it’s more fun than solving equations on a piece of paper.

Well, that’s the update for now.  I need to get some things done before we can leave today so enjoy your weekend.


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