Amazing (to me at least)

That someone who works for a church does not have an email address from the church, or at least their own private email address.  A friend of mine mentioned Westbridge Community Church on their blog.  We both get generic mailings from this church and I am sick and tired of walking to the recyling bin with them, so I went to their website to ask to be removed from the mailing list.  Well, interestingly enough, the website has no “Contact Us” tab and no obvious site map.  So I clicked one tab which got me nowhere, then I clicked the “Team” tab and got a list of the people who supposedly run this church.  I clicked on the guy whose job was listed as Groups and his email address popped up.  He apparently works at Gold’s Gym!  That was his email info.  Does Gold’s know that he’s using their email system to get his church going?  This is highly unethical by my standards (although I have been told that few people would actually be able to meet my standards-poppycock I say, try a little harder.  Afterall, how many free email providers are there in Webworld? Loads!).  Well, I emailed him to take us off the mailing list.  Let’s see if he complies.  Or if he even gets the email, since if I were Gold’s, I’d fire him.


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  1. Nan
    Oct 04, 2009 @ 15:59:44

    You could always call the church. Or send them a note…

  2. thefrenchchick
    Oct 04, 2009 @ 17:11:13

    I’m definitely going to do all I can to get off this church’s mailing list. As for him, if I knew which of the many Gold’s around here that he worked at, I would ask about their company email policy and then suggest that they check out the accounts.

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