Marathon for Non-Public Education

We had our marathon today.  It’s really just a three mile walk, unless you’re a kid-then running seems to be de riguer.  We walked it though.  I’m not into running and a three mile hike is enough exercise for one day.  Ditty started the walk with us, but she and her friend quickly began to move up through the pack of people.  BooBoo on the other hand would have dragged his bottom and finished around noon (from a 9am start) if DH & I hadn’t chivvyed him along from time to time.  

I wish I could say that it was a nice day for a walk, but it was cold, wet and windy.  I had on four layers and a pair of flannel lined jeans that I normally don’t pull out of the closet until at least late December.  Add a wool hat and a pair of those “magic” gloves and that was my ensemble for the walk.  I never did get around to putting the gloves on, simply because I probably needed to let my skin breathe somewhere in that outfit.

But it was a good way to raise money for our school.  Since we do only two fundraisers each year, participation is generally very good.  And there always seems to be that core group of people who make sure the school’s fundraising goal is met.  They’re the unsung heroes in our fundraiser.

I made a casserole for lunch when we got home from the marathon.  I don’t like to cook for lunch but we’re all spread out over suppertime today.  And a nice hot meal sounded good after that drizzly walk.  I’ll post the recipe (method) on my recipes page.  It’s fairly quick to throw together and it goes over well with the kids.

In other news, I received a coupon flyer from a local grocery store on Thursday.  I clipped the coupons for items that I knew we would use. Even though I had already gone grocery shopping earlier in the week, I went back to that store and purchased the coupon items early so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them running out.  All totaled, I spent $58.49 for $106.46 in groceries, a savings of 45%.  I got 56 items so I spent just over $1.04 average per item.  Had I not been tempted by the pre-sliced cheese they had on sale for $5.99, my savings would have been even higher.  Even the checkout clerk commented on my savings.  Yes, coupon shopping works.  Too bad I didn’t have any manufacturer’s coupons to go with the store coupons.

Well, the boys are selling Cub Scout popcorn for a few more hours this afternoon and Ditty has a birthday party to attend later today and we still need to get the card and gift, so I’d better get shopping.


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