Doin’ the crazy mom dance

I’m cleaning.  There is only so much you can take when you’re trying to find the time in your day to pray for people, get the laundry done so the kids have uniforms to wear to school and getting ready for guests.  Tomorrow is Wednesday which means that I have exactly four days to finish up and I haven’t gotten the walls done yet or the laundry or the shopping.  I feel like I’m going to crack.  Something will just have to give.  Maybe the sleeping bags that I was going to take to the laundromat tomorrow can wait until next week to get squeaky clean before being stored away.  Yes, let’s concentrate on just doing the stuff that must get done. 

I did get the old dishes boxed up and a few other items ready for a charity pick-up tomorrow, so that clears away some more of the clutter.  I’ve also decided that we have enough of the plastic bowls to get by at breakfast for now.  Maybe the bowls and salad plates that match the plates I bought to replace the old ones can be another birthday/Christmas gift idea.

And the bathroom is certainly looking better.  I’ll have to wait to paint the ceiling until next week.  Can’t have paint off-gassing with guests in the house.  I still need to pick up some spackle to repair some dings in the walls of BooBoo’s bedroom.  I want to paint that too this fall but even getting the dings leveled off would be a big step forward.  And two loads of laundry got done tonight.  That leaves only six more to finish the job (for this week).

The weather has also been wreaking havoc with my plans.  I was supposed to be able to get the grocery shopping done today.  But with the incessant rain we’ve been having, I didn’t care to get sopping wet while trying to hold an umbrella and push a shopping cart.  You know how well that goes, I’m sure because we’ve all done it many times.  Just not worth the effort today.  I’ll try to get that done tomorrow.  Mainly because I still need to order the cake .  God bless the bakery that doesn’t need more than 48 hours notice to crank out a great cake.  (Okay, I admit that it’s really their frosting I like.)

For the dinner on Saturday, we’re having lasagne.  I’m making both the ground beef version and a vegetable version.  I’m also likely to be doing some last minute cleaning, since someone is bound to spill something right before the guests arrive so that’s one good reason for the cake to be store bought.  One less thing to go wrong.  Did I mention that my oven has decided to act up?  Yes, really.  It has decided that it doesn’t like to bake either.  The preheat lights come on but the stupid thing doesn’t get hot.  Until I coax it along by switching the temp settings and opening/shutting the door several times.  It’s getting a bit annoying really.  DH even looked up the website to check on trouble shooting.  It gave the advice not to open the door as this causes the oven to need longer to preheat.  Well, that ain’t working here.  As I tried to bake chicken tonight, the oven wouldn’t preheat.  I shut off the oven for awhile, then left the door open for a bit, then turned the oven back on.  That worked for awhile, then the darn thing shut off after about 30 minutes of baking.  The chicken still needed another ten minutes, so I (being fed up with the bake mode and knowing that it would take forever to get the oven back up to heat) decided to broil the chicken for the last ten minutes instead.  Even the broiler acted up and wouldn’t light at first.  There’s got to be something wrong with the clean air intake on this oven.  Hopefully we can get a repairman out here soon.  What a pain.

Hope your week is going better than mine.


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