Poor buddy!

BooBoo is ill today.  He threw up this morning and hasn’t bothered to eat anything yet today. 

Sorry for the interruption.  BooBoo needed to throw up again.  I’ve got him on the couch now, sipping 7-up with an addition of a bit of ginger.  Hopefully the ginger will settle his stomach so he can have some toast or jell-o.

DH is coming home early from work today to take Ditty to the dental appointment.  I’ve rescheduled BooBoo’s appointment for late November, the earliest available date.  I’m glad we weren’t able to get together with the grandparents today, because that would have been one more thing to cancel and an additional disappointment for the kids.  Not that they were looking forward to the dentist, just looking forward to getting out of the house for awhile.  Hopefully this is just a 24 hour bug and he’ll be feeling better by this evening.

I must say that he’s a real trooper when he’s ill.  He doesn’t tend to complain and tries to amuse himself by looking at books or magazines.  Sometimes, if he’s not too tired, he’ll even try to amuse me by reading some of the jokes from the magazines to me.  He just tends to enjoy the quieter pursuits when he’s ill.

Well, time to go see if he’s ready for something to eat.  And I’d better get the laundry moving again so that if he feels well tomorrow, then we can go to the Science Museum without a guilty conscience.


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