Wow, that hurt

Well, we did have a safe trip up and back from Ditty’s knowledge bowl meet.  That’s one for the plus column.

I will have to say though that the fifth graders I watched need alot of work.  Ditty’s team was quick to buzz in (a good thing) but too many times, they didn’t know the answer.  Many of those times, it seemed like they would just throw out any word or words hoping that the moderator would just give them the point.  They also need to learn to stay in their chairs, pay attention to the question, play as a team and stop creating distractions for their team members like playing with their pencils when it’s not a “paper & pencil” question.  Yes, they do actually get told when they can use paper and pencil.

I signed up to drive them to any and all away meets.  I think I’ll be getting in a lot of praying this fall.  I just need to figure out the proportions, how much will be needed for them and how much will be needed for me.  Yes, patience will be a much needed virtue and I think that I will be getting lots of practice time in it.


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