For those who have not followed me for long and for those who don’t know me in real life, I am a volunteer facilitator for the Virtus: Protecting God’s Children For Adults program.  It’s a safe environments program developed to teach adults how to recognize the warning signs of people who may be a risk of harm to children.  The program works at preventing child sexual abuse before actual abuse occurs.  And despite the touchy subject matter, I really enjoy facilitating sessions.  Just knowing that there are now another 20 or so people (per session) out there aware of these behavioral warning signs and actively protecting kids is comforting.  I feel like I’m doing my part to keep kids safe and make the world a better place.  The Virtus program in in use by over 80 diocese in the US.  Other diocese use different programs, but the goal is the same:  Making the Catholic Church and our world a safer place to be.

So why post about this today?  Because last night I facilitated a session with a local celebrity in attendance!  This woman comes in contact with kids all the time in her work as a fairy godmother.  Doing public appearances is a major part of her job.  How great to know that she will be able to recognize the warning signs and implement changes in how her public appearances are done in order to keep children safe.  It’s just so cool when a public figure cares enough to help.

I’m also quite glad that it actually took me until about a half hour after I got home from the session to figure out who she was as I would have probably been hopelessly tongue-tied if I had realized earlier that she was who she is.  In my defense, it has been awhile since the kids and I attended one of her performances.  And I’m not generally the star-struck type, but then I’m not generally surrounded by people who grab the attention of the media (local or otherwise) either.  

So anyway, Yay! 20 more people protecting kids!  A mighty productive night if I do say so myself.


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