Rain! In so many forms.

Sorry for the dry spell of not posting any news/views/assorted mish mash.  It’s been rather busy here lately.  I see we have a new button in the Publish sidebar of wordpress.com titled “move to trash”.  Might have to check that one out on a shorter post or on a major rant.

We have been to one fundraiser already this week.  A concert for our parish’s choir director.  I’m sure she has a better sounding title than that, I just can’t come up with it at the moment.  She’s battling a recurrence of cancer and we pray that her battle is a success.  We have another fundraiser to attend tonight.  A dinner for the brother of a guy that I graduated with who needed a kidney transplant.  The transplant recipient’s college age son was the best match, so the family is not only stuck with paying for what their insurance doesn’t cover for the recipient of the kidney, but for the uncovered costs of the donor as well.  Plus trying to pay for the kid to attend college.  So we will go and eat, and probably bid on some items in the silent auction to help raise money for their family’s medical expenses.

Monday night brought another Knowledge Bowl meet for Ditty.  Again, we traveled north to the hosting school.  Her team did better this time, not good enough to place in the top six, but as there were 30 teams at the meet (six from our school alone) it was a good meet for them.  Two of our school’s 5/6 grade teams placed 2nd and 5th at the meet and our two 7/8 grade teams also placed 2nd and 5th.  A very good showing for our school.

Tuesday brought Knowledge Bowl and basketball practice for Ditty and a Cub Scout Pack meeting for BooBoo.  One of those nights where a superbly syncronized supper comes in handy.  I don’t like having to be spot on with my supper timing but sometimes I have no other choice. 

Wedenesday held the school mass in the morning and adoration at noon. 

Thursday was awash in Knowledge Bowl practice before school, my church history study group, helping in the kitchen, going home for two hours and finishing a baby hat so that I have something to take with me tonight to match buttons for the eventual cardigan that will accompany it, going back to school to drop off Halloween treats for Ditty’s and BooBoo’s classes, basketball practice for Ditty, another superbly syncronized supper, then back to school for a Girl Scout meeting.

Today has been another busy day washing dishes in the school kitchen due to the extra numbers of people who attended grandparents day.  We did manage to get all the adults and students through the line in one hour and ten minutes!  That’s got to be a record for our school, considering that we had almost 300 extra people.  My hands still stink like rubber gloves.  Time to wash them up really well.

So as far as busy goes, when it rains it pours. 

And the weather has been unseasonably wet as well.  It has rained so much this month that we are almost completely out of the drought that was threatening in Sept.

The other part of this rain post is me.  I missed getting to see Ditty and BooBoo sing their songs at the dress rehersal yesterday because I was helping in the kitchen.  AND I missed seeing them perform today because I was helping in the kitchen!  So I was in tears as I left the school today because I help in the kitchen every year for Grandparent’s Day and never get to see them.  The tears keep threatening to return every time I think about it too, so I’m going to sign off for now.  Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone.


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