The ACLU is at it again!

Just when you thought the ACLU couldn’t get more stupid, they have now filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of two teenage girls saying that the girl’s high school violated their right to free speech when it banned them from extracurricular activities for posting sexy photos on MySpace.  The Associated Press article by Charles Wilson can be read at

But click on the link soon as the StarTribune only allows free access to articles they print for 14 days.  The article first appeared on Saturday, October 31, 2oo9.

I just don’t understand the mentality of a national organization like the ACLU suing a school when the school is trying to uphold moral values.  Not to mention the fact that the teen boys who have seen these pictures now think that these girls will engage in this behavior with them, which puts the girls themselves in danger.  Teens may think these photos are a joke, but adults should know better.  Let’s face it parents, sometimes we have to protect kids from themselves.

The school district in question has a policy in place that specifically allows the principal to bar from school activities any student-athlete whose behavior in or out of school “creates a disruptive influence on the discipline, good order, moral or educational environment at” CHS.

The parents of these girls were probably seduced by the money that the ACLU claimed they could get out of a lawsuit.  Shame on their greed.  Shame on them for not punishing the girls themselves.  Shame on them for not taking the time to educate their own kids about the risks of posting those pictures online, not only regarding their (hopefully) good standing in school but also the risk of those pictures falling into the hands of a cyber predator.  Publishing photos as private doesn’t guarantee that they will stay that way forever.

Personally, I want my kids to attend a school in a district that helps me uphold moral values and helps me curb risky behaviors that limit the options open to my kids.   Congratulations to the Indianapolis school district for upholding moral values and trying to teach teens that even their cyberbehaviors have real life consequences.  You have my heartfelt admiration for taking on a job that some parents are apparently incapable of doing themselves.


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