All Saints Day

Today is the day that we celebrate all of the holy men and women of the Church.  The saints set a great example for us with their lives.  Most were martyred, many overcame obstacles to living a holy life.  Our priest, Fr. David, said in his homily today that we should be able to list three ways that we are trying to live saintly lives.  Well, one of my ways would be that I am trying to teach my children to love the Church.  One surefire way to help them understand the feast days of the Church and what they commemorate is to use food. 

Today we are having “Saint cake” for dessert with supper.  This inspiration came from reading Catholic Cuisine’s blog for the last several months and realizing that I don’t have to do everything, they are just suggestions to save me from running around trying to figure it out for myself.  My Saint cake is just a simple jell-o cake.  I made a white cake from a mix using just the egg whites to retain the whiteness in the batter.  I then made the raspberry jell-o, any red gelatin would do, using just the boiling water.  After the cake was baked, I poked holes in the top using a fork and poured the jell-o as evenly as I could over the top.  Cool the cake for two hours to set the gelatin and then frost.  I used white frosting and added yellow sugar to the top, but the original recipe uses whipped topping or whipped cream.  If I must eat cake, I prefer a good buttercream frosting to whipped topping.  Personally, I’m more of a pie gal.

The white cake represents the holy saints and the red gelatin represents martyrdom.  The white frosting is purity of soul and the yellow sugar, the shining example they are for us on earth.

I’ll add some pictures to this post after supper since the red and white of the cake should be revealed once we cut into it.

Here are the pics.


The cake with a cut-away.


I would have called it Blood of the Martyrs cake but after the Poltergeist Potatoes, I didn’t think Ditty would eat it.

One final bit of advice.  Pick a saint whose life you can relate to or one who is patron of a cause close to your heart and pray to them often for help in living a holy life of sainthood.


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