It’s a “Circle of Life” kind of thing. . .

I’m in catch up cleaning mode.  I had to get two sweaters and hats knit in time for a double baby shower last Saturday.  The items got done, but other areas suffered.  So for this week, along with my normal cleaning, I get to do the catch up work too.  Mountains of cleaning and laundry that make Everest look pretty tame.  Hope my oxygen tank is charged!  Where’d that sherpa get to anyway?

Catch-up cleaning is the perfect thing for a Monday. . .

and a Tuesday. . .

half a Wednesday (I’m not skipping Mass & adoration to get a clean house). . .

half a Thursday at most (my church history study group & volunteering at school take priority over a clean house too). . .

and a Friday. 

Hopefully by Friday, I’ll be caught up.  Mainly so that I can get ready for the cycle to begin again on Monday.

Tomorrow will consist of getting the bathrooms in shape, the oil changed in the van, the grocery shopping done and more of the laundry done.  Pray that no one has a sick kid at home and needs me to fill in at school for them.  I really need to get the chores at home back on track. 

I like organized chaos, not the messy, all over the place kind.  I work better/more efficiently when things are planned out in advance.  The plan doesn’t have to work to a T, it just has to be there so I have some idea of how thoroughly I messed up.  Well, off to sleep for me.  I’m going to need all my energy in place to get through this week.


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