Catching up

The oil in my van has been changed, the grocery shopping is done, got milk for the week, I’m down to just two more loads of laundry and at least the bathroom floors got swept.

I also made a dinner tonight that I haven’t made in ages.  It’s called Slow Cooker Cassoulet, from a Pillsbury Cookbook called Harvest Time Baking and Cooking back in Nov. 1991.  Yes, I am old but I’ve been collecting recipes and cookbooks forever.  I didn’t get the cassoulet assembled in time to do it in the crock pot, but the recipe comes with oven directions too.  Added a salad and some good french bread and it went over pretty well.  Ditty & Clairebear liked it, DH didn’t complain, but BooBoo wasn’t happy with me.  Maybe he’s just tired of casseroles this week.  I haven’t made this in a long time and I had forgotten how much I like it.   So it will probably appear again sometime.  Hopefully BooBoo will outgrow his dislike of it.


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