Blame it on Global Warming. . .

I actually feel like baking cookies.  Weird huh!

I have despised baking for so long now that I can’t even remember when it started.  I just know that baking cookies, massive amounts of cookies, in an un-air conditioned kitchen in the summer as a child contributed heavily to the condition.  But now that my 45th birthday looms near, I seem to have gotten past that roadblock.  I’m actually looking forward to some Christmas baking, with carols playing in the background.

This ought to please DH as he’s the type who wants the Norman Rockwell & company, picture postcard perfect family setting.  Now, now!  He’s entitled to his pipe dreams too!  And why not, it’s good to have dreams and goals.  Provided we are willing to work as hard on ourselves as we do on others.  So we’ll bake cookies this year and enjoy the family time.

In other news, the catch-up cleaning continues. 

I got the van gassed up yesterday.  Since I needed to drive out-of-town to the knowledge bowl meet and the gauge was nearly on E, this wasn’t an optional errand.  It was the only thing that got done yesterday though.  So today will involve scrubbing floors, dusting, folding the last two loads of laundry and ironing the pile of wrinkled garments.

I came across this little “gem” of a comment that a friend of a friend posted on said friend’s FB page:  “I hear irritation makes pearls”.  It set me to thinking.  Since I train Girl Scout leaders to work with adolescent girls, this statement really works well for me to use in training.  We all experience some form of irritation when it comes to working with kids in general.  Maybe they don’t listen, maybe they don’t work well with someone in the group, etc.  I’m thinking that at those times, it might serve us well to remember to be an oyster.  I haven’t lost my mind, hang in there.  You see, the oyster doesn’t spit out what irritates it (just like we shouldn’t “spit out” of the group the girl we’re having problems with).  Instead, the oyster uses that irritant to create a beautiful pearl.  So, our challenge as leaders is to find the way that works for that girl to become a beautiful pearl.  And no, that doesn’t mean coating her in gunk until she becomes hard.  That would be the wrong way to do it.  But you see where I’m going with this, right?

So, as you go through your life, remember to use those irritations that may come your way, whatever they are, and turn them into pearls.  Thanks Rebecca for some great insight!


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