How it all changes in the blink of an eye

I’m wiped out.  I can’t begin to fathom how Tracy & Jeff are feeling.  Time to roll back the clock a bit and catch you all up.

Saturday morning, Ditty had a basketball game.  Afterward BooBoo, Ditty and one of Ditty’s friends were going with DH to a local waterpark for a Cub Scout event.  While we were at the basketball game, the friend’s dad got an emergency phone call that his father had fallen off the roof and was being air lifted to a trauma hospital nearby.  The message was relayed to me by a mutual friend.  The girls didn’t know yet, and I made a decision not to tell them.  Since Ditty’s friend was going to be with us for the afternoon anyway, there was time to find out from her parents how they wanted to handle telling her. 

Later that day, a message was relayed to me through the girl’s aunt that her mother would prefer to be the one to explain what happened.  I let DH know what had happened and that we weren’t going to tell the girl anything.  It was important to give that little girl this time to be a kid and enjoy the day with her friend Ditty.

Sadly, Jeff’s dad passed away.  His aorta tore and that was what caused the fall from the roof.  While his family is thankful that the tear didn’t occur while he was driving, they are grief stricken none the less.  Please pray for them in their hour of need and for their deceased loved one as well.

Thank you.


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