Room on the Broom

DH, Ditty, BooBoo & I went to see Room on the Broom last Friday.  The production was put on by Tall Stories Theatre Company based in London, U.K.

We absolutely Loved it !!  The musical was laugh out loud funny.  The characters were very well played.  We were impressed that a troupe of four could carry off six characters without losing any from the stage. Granted, three of the characters were puppets-but still that requires a bit of well planned swap offs.  Ditty and BooBoo were laughing so hard at some of the antics, that I have to say I was glad this was a kid’s production so other people’s kids were laughing out loud too.  Why do we always think we need to be quiet in the theater?

Morag Cross played the Witch and Lesley Cook played the Cat.  David Garrud did the puppetry for the Dog and the Frog.  Who would have guessed that a guy with a UK accent could speak Southern USA so well.  Frog was from the south you see.  Scott Armstrong played Dragon and did the puppetry for Bird.  It was Scott who first hid in the empty seats in front of us at the beginning of the show.  David asked DH as he went by us whether he was comfortable.  To which DH replied the first time “Working on it”  and the second time “Almost”.

Tall Stories Theatre Company productions tour to theatres, community venues and schools in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.  They had performed this particular musical to school groups earlier in the week and were giving just a one night performance at the end of their run.  I’m so glad that we won those tickets from Moms Like Me.  I also feel so lucky to have even heard about the play being nearby since this is one of BooBoo’s favorite books and it was only there for one night.

If you’d like more info about Tall Stories Theatre Company, you can visit their website at: .  Hope you have the opportunity to see this play at a venue near you.


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