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I just finished making my family’s new perpetual Advent calendar.  No more throw away calendars that start the countdown to Christmas on Dec 1st instead of the first Sunday of Advent.  No more calendars stuffed with cheap chocolate.  Now I can put what I want in the Advent calendar, and no, it won’t necessarily be chocolate every day-just some of the days.  Other days will have a slip of paper in them good for a cookie baking or decorating session with mom & dad, game night, popcorn & a Christmas movie night,  a reading of a Christmas story, taking a snowy walk, decorating the tree.  Just some fun, low to no cost stuff that we can do together as a family.

As far as the calendar itself, there are a few things I would like to tweak.  But those can wait for next year.  I want to put some type of permanent hanger on the back of the tray.  I also want to spray paint the tray a solid color, maybe gold or silver.  And I want to change the color of the writing on the O Antiphon days to gold, since those are the days that change weeks depending on the day of the week that Christmas falls on.  All in all, it will be a pretty nice calendar when it’s tweaked.  This year will be our trial run with it to see if : 1) it holds up to the weight of the candy and papers, 2) it needs the above mentioned tweaks-kids sometimes like things just the way they are, and 3) I can remember to have them open a tin each day.  That last one will be the toughest.

I’m also going to have to refresh my memory on the meaning of the O Antiphons and why they crop up in our Advent celebration.  This may take some research.  I wonder if the Vatican’s website has any info about them?

Some pictures of the new calendar.

The supplies.  1 large round metal tray, 1 box of circular, metal wedding favor boxes with stick on lables, 3 sheets of construction paper-2 purple and 1 pink, 1 package of strong, circular magnets, my hot glue gun, a pencil for tracing.

The completed Advent calendar.

The extra days.  Just making sure that whenever Christmas falls, I’ll be able to do up the calendar.



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  1. shoestringalley
    Nov 29, 2009 @ 13:15:28

    I really love the idea for your advent calendar. I wouldn’t mind a cookie baking session myself 🙂

  2. thefrenchchick
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 08:54:57

    We did the cookie baking session from the calendar yesterday. I had forgotten which day I put it on and after the hustle & bustle of Saturday, DH just laughed at the look on my face when the kids read the slip. We did bake gingerbread men (from frozen cut outs that I got at the store) and snickerdoodles (from frozen dough that I bought from a neighbor kid as a fundraiser for their school). The kids aren’t as interested in actual baking as they are in decorating and eating anyway, so this worked for them. We’ll try baking a few more kinds when it’s not so crazy.

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