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Sorry the posting has been so sporadic.  I’ve been running like a gerbil on a wheel the last three days.  I had meant to post another diatribe on an article I read in Parade last Sunday about the “affordability of the American football game”, but decided instead to stop reading Parade.  I think it will do my blood pressure some good to just skip their articles and go straight to the puzzle page.  Numbrix is kind of fun and a little challenging, just right for a few minutes work on a lazy afternoon.

For those of you keeping score, I turned 45 on Monday.  DH & the kids made breakfast on Sunday after mass.  I made the breakfast crisp from Uncommon Grace’s blog.  The pears & pomegranate tasted wonderful together.  With the crisp, the gingerbread pancakes (from a store bought mix) and the bacon, my early birthday breakfast was just right for a cold day.  BooBoo wasn’t as impressed, but he’s only 8 so we’ll give him a few years to develop real taste.

I started knitting a sweater for BooBoo last week.  It’s the same general “pattern” as the one I made for Ditty (Fair Isle Sweater using EPS by Elizabeth Zimmermann), except that for his sweater, I’ve decided to make the Henley neck version.  I’ve got the body done up to the yoke and have finished one sleeve up to where it will attach to the yoke.  I’ve also made a good start on the ribbed cuff of the second sleeve and am quite amazed at how quickly this one is working up.  I might even have it finished by January/early February so that he can wear it yet this winter.

Ditty’s knowledge bowl meets are nearly at an end.  I can’t believe that I was complaining about the season being too short.  I am more ready for it to end than she is, definitely more ready.  Maybe it’s the hustle & bustle of this time of year, but I’m glad the last meet is on Monday and then there will be two less things on the calendar (practices & meets).

We got a slight dusting of snow last night and it is coming down again today, very slight & light, but it isn’t melting much so maybe we will have a white Christmas after all.  I most definitely prefer having snow in winter.  Winter just seems bitterly cold and harsh without snow on the ground.

Well, I’ve ignored the housework as long as I can.  I’ll post pictures of BooBoo’s Sweater when it is finished.


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  1. shoestringalley
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 11:18:54

    Hope you get your white Christmas! I suspect mine will be a green/browngrey combo!

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