Still quiet on the home front

BooBoo is still a very quiet boy.  Let’s hope the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor today will help him. 

I called the doctor’s office today because BooBoo had stopped wanting to eat or drink anything.  This is not good as he doesn’t have a spare ounce of fat on him to sustain any fasting at this point and also, he is a growing child so fasting at this point in his life would not be a good idea anyway.  The doctor’s office called me back and I explained again what was happening.  They decided to prescribe an oral mouthwash-type analgesic (pain reliever) to help him get some food or at least liquids down.  The nurse said that the strep test still hadn’t come back positive (at 10:30am).  I started getting ready to go pick up the prescription and the phone rang again.  It was the nurse saying that they did finally find something growing in the strep culture they took two days ago (this at 10:53am).  So we now have antibiotics and the “magic mouthwash”.  BooBoo still hasn’t eaten but at least he’s taking liquids.

Keep up the prayers for BooBoo and his frantic mother.


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