A beautiful program

The school my kids attend had their Christmas program last night.  Even though BooBoo still didn’t feel well and therefore didn’t participate in the program, we all attended as a family.  Ditty was so pleased with the musical selections  done by her class.  She has insisted that we buy the dvd coming out at the end of the year.  Yes, they have a dvd.  And it was actually one of the things that I pushed for when I was on the Education Advisory Committee.  And honestly, while we have had great programs before, this year’s program seemed to have amped up a bit in both song selection and quality, jmo.

Now keep in mind the number of parents in most schools pushing and shoving to get “good” seats for their child’s performance.  And all of the inevitable prairie dogging (jump up, snap picture, sit down) that parents who are not in the “good” seats do during the show.  This behavior is rude (the pushing & shoving) and disruptive to others (the prairie dogging) and is really not what should be happening in any school, much less a Catholic one.  The behaviors mentioned also do not contribute to an appreciation of school as part of a healthy family unit.  That’s why I suggested, repeatedly, that if the school would produce a video/dvd of the annual performances not only would this unattractive and disrupting behavior be (hopefully) eliminated but they could make some money on it too.  The dvd will have three performances on it:  Grandparent’s Day,  the Christmas Program and the Spring Program.

I also suggested that the money made on each dvd does not have to be so high that the cost prohibits any family from buying one.  So now we’ll just have to see if they go with my suggested price of $5 per dvd.  I hope they will.  I don’t like to see division in our school based on the haves and the have nots.  Our school is for every family, let’s keep it that way.


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