‘Bout time she did an update!

Sorry, didn’t get much computer time this weekend.  And with winter upon us, the skin on my fingers has dried out and started to crack again.  Seems like I just get hand cream on and then I do something that has me washing my hands again.  Well, anyway, here’s all the news that’s fit to print.

BooBoo is feeling better and went back to school last Friday.  He’ll be on antibiotics through Christmas Day, but it feels so good to have my talkative, buddy sunshine back.  And he’s always good about taking his meds, no arguments and will even squirt them into his mouth himself.  Seems there was a rash of illness going through the school that week.  Glad everyone is on the mend and so glad that there are only three days left before Christmas break.  A chance to get all the kids healthy before sending them back into the mix.

I did get out of the house a bit last week.  There was a community notification meeting regarding a Level 3 Sex Offender moving into our community.  So I went to find out what would be happening, etc.  Since I facilitate for the Virtus program in our archdiocese, I knew this individual would not be the crux of our parenting worries.  I mean, hey, we know what he looks like so it’s easy to keep our kids away from him.  I did find out something that did make my hair curl (pardon the pun).  The Department of Corrections person stated that in 2004, 90% of the individuals convicted of a sex crime in our state had No Prior Conviction for sex related crimes.  90% were first time caught offenders.  Creepy!  The DOC person also mentioned some of the ten warning signs that we mention in the Virtus sessions but not all of them.  Well, I’ll be keeping my eyes open.  Hope others who’ve taken a Virtus session will too.

I baked more Christmas cookies on Sunday and let the kids have at it with the decorating.  I had to bake more as the ones previously baked had almost completely disappeared and we are having my parents over on Christmas Day.  It would be kind of embarrassing not to have Christmas cookies on Christmas Day.  And trust me, I looked at the selections in Walmart and both grocery stores and I will not be able to pass those off as homemade.  And spending over $4 for a dozen cookies that aren’t even decorated seemed very steep.  Still haven’t made the fudge though.  May not even get to it, but at least we have cookies.

Well, gotta run.  I’ve got kitchen duty at school today.  The home & school association is doing a Christmas lunch for the teachers and staff and I’m back up help in the kitchen.  Then we’ve got Ditty’s parents vs. students basketball game and awards night tonight.  Cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow.  But laundry may get started today.  Can’t put off everything.  It’s only four more days ’til Christmas!


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  1. Nan
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 21:29:03

    The interesting thing about the Virtus training is its focus on prevention; my informal, totally unscientific ecumenical survey indicates that the Orthodox have no programs and that Lutherans have programs that are focused, not on prevention of abuse, but prevention of adults being in a position to be accused.

    Yeah, it’s bad when people are wrongly accused but it’s worse when kids are abused and people are oblivious to it or ignore/discount warning signs.

  2. thefrenchchick
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 09:49:22

    One of the things I like about the Virtus program is finally getting some information out to parents on what to watch for. For most of us, the first time we became parents we wished the kid had come out with an “owner’s manual”, something to tell us whether or not we were doing things right. Most of us relax by kid number two, but we still need some help.

    The Virtus program gives us help in a very important area, keeping our kids safe. And it also puts the responsibility back on the adults to keep kids safe. So much has been made of the “safe touch” programs that parents seem, imo, to have left their kids safety up to the kids themselves and absolving themselves of any blame should something happen to their kids. As adults, we need to step up to the plate again and do our job as parents.

    Say no, run away and tell someone works if the kid finds themself in a bad situation and actually believes their parents will listen. But it’s a good thing that as adults we can work to prevent the situtation from occuring in the first place.

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