Last minute cleaning & wrapping

I admit it.  I keeping putting off the inevitable.  Why?  Because I despise wrapping gifts and keep hoping that someone (DH) will offer to help.  Just once.  Okay, I really wish he’d just do it and leave me out of the wrapping business.  I did all the shopping so it seems only fair that he should do the wrapping.  Never works that way though. 

And yes, I’m aware that if I just wrapped it all as it was purchased, I’d be done.  The problem with that is, if any year is like this year where I have now decided that the number of gifts under the tree are too numerous, my kids will be getting birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper.  It would also mean that I could not condense some of their number by wrapping some items together, like books and movies in one box instead of five boxes, unless I bought them all at the same time (the planets would have to be permanently aligned for that to happen).

So today I will go to Mass with the kids.  It’s their last school mass for 2009.  Then go pray with our school’s Moms In Touch group.  Then I’ll have time for a quick lunch & a trip to Target before I go to adoration.  Grocery shopping after adoration (that ought to be “fun” with the snow advisory/warning we’re under for today-Friday).  Then home to wrap the presents, clean the house and bake the fruitcake.  After the holidays, I think I’ll hibernate for awhile 🙂

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  May the peace of Christ be with you this Christmas and all the year through.


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