Gotta stop reading the opinion page!

Really.  I should.  The latest to test my resolve not to use swear words anymore – an opinion piece by Celestine Bohlen of Bloomberg News titled Not everyone’s a saint, or needs to be.  The piece appeared in the Mpls Star Tribune last Saturday.  The author of the piece clearly believes any rumor running amok and doesn’t bother to see if her opinion stands up to fact or not.  She also doesn’t seem to keen on learning anything new that might upset her carefully preserved opinion.  ‘Nuff said.


Other news.  The K-2nd grade students are beginning their annual travel unit.  They are studying four countries under the guise of “traveling” to each for one week this month.  The countries being studied this year: Brazil, the Netherlands, India and China.  This will be BooBoo’s last travel unit.  Ditty was bummed when she moved up to third grade as they don’t do the travel unit.  BooBoo might actually be glad to be done with it.  His comment to me this morning was that he and a friend were discussing the “plane trip” yesterday and all of the things they could “see” when he realized: “There are no bathrooms on this plane!”.  I’ll have to suggest that to the teachers 🙂  .

The kids are glad to be back in school.  Progress on their snow fort has come to a grinding halt though.  They didn’t have time yesterday to work on it.  Maybe by Saturday, they’ll be back in the routine of things and ready for some fun.

Monday’s tasks went surprisingly well and all got finished.  I even managed to get the freezers inventoried so I know what I’ve got available for meals and menu planning today.

Enjoy the week.


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