By jingo, she really went and did it!

Yes, I joined a gym today.  No more putting off losing the extra weight I gained while pregnant, the baby is now 8 years old.  No more hemming and hawing and hoping the weight will just fall off, it hasn’t yet and it would break something if it did.  My goal is to lose 12 inches at my waistline-must do, and if possible about 50 pounds.  If my hips, thighs, butt and arms get more toned in the process-all the better.  I wouldn’t mind a stronger back and better posture but that might be asking too much at this late date.

I went in to the gym with the coupon we had received in the mail.  I had originally planned to just do the coupon and a month to month plan.  But then I started thinking “What if I drop the plan over the summer?  What would I have to pay to get back in?  And would it really be worth that?”  I have to admit that if I did drop out over the summer, I probably wouldn’t go back.  And that would be bad. . . very, very bad.  I need to lose the inches and the weight to get back a healthy version of me. 

And I want that healthy me!  I want to be around to dance at my children’s weddings (or celebrate their ordination/profession of vows).  I deserve to put my health on the front burner.  After all, if I kick it early, who’s going to take care of the kids, the house and the goldfish?  And who’s going to make sure DH stays healthy too?  The kids can get him to buckle up in the car, but they haven’t successfully lobbied for him to get more exercise yet.  I’m honestly not sure they even think about it.  They are both still young enough to think DH & I are immortal.  Sweet thought, but it’s time to be realistic and get proactive with the exercise plan.  So I’m signed up for an 18 month contract and I’ve got an appointment with a personal trainer on Monday.


BooBoo’s sweater has been put on hold while I quickly knit up a hat for Ditty.  The girl has gotten fashion conscious lately and hasn’t wanted to wear any of the hats she currently possesses.  I’m knitting the Amanda hat from Ravelry for her.  She approved the pattern last night.  Good thing too as I was all the way through the garter ribbing and just about finished with the first twelve rounds of the lace.  I’ll post pics when it’s finished.

The housecleaning plan I posted earlier is still working great.  I got most of the laundry finished yesterday and have just one more load to do tonight.  This after not being home most of the day due to mass, gym tour, adoration, a catch-up on the Epic session I missed due to BooBoo’s strep throat and errands.  So I do get to have a life outside of housework if I just stick to the plan.  WooHoo!


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