A sweater update

I was just over on Ravelry and realized that I haven’t posted an update on BooBoo’s sweater lately.  I have finished the body and the sleeves and managed to get them joined.  Still no pictures though.  Then the cold weather snap forced me to knit this for Ditty.

The Amanda Hat by Gina House aka Sleepy Eyes Knits.  The pattern is available as a free download from www.ravelry.com .  This was a very quick knit given the number of yarn overs needed to complete the lace pattern.  I adjusted the crown decreases to include a round of knit after the knit 1 knit 2 together round.  Then I did a round of knit 2 together to reduce the number of leftover stitches gathered to six.  This closed the top of the hat nicely and didn’t leave a hole that would have needed covering by a pompom (something an 11 year old girl would not have appreciated-being newly fashion conscious and all).  And this hat only used 1/2 of an $11 skein of yarn, so I have enough leftover to probably get a reasonable neck gaiter (tubular knit used to keep the neck warm instead of a scarf with flapping ends) out of the rest.  Two winter wear accessories for $11 is a very good deal.  I did buy three skeins of this colorway (don’t know why-probably because I just love the softness of this yarn and snatch up as much as I can each time I go in that store), so I actually have enough to knit Ditty a real scarf and probably mittens too.  I think I’ll do the mittens first, that way if the yarn is used up quickly I can change my mind on the scarf and just do a gaiter.


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