Oh Gyyyym. . .

So, as you know I have done the deed and signed up for an 18 month membership to my local gym.  I went in on Monday to what I thought was my first meeting with my personal trainer.  Yes, I signed up for one of those too (the salesman was really good and I know I won’t do squat if I’m not told what to do and how to do it).  Well, the meeting on Monday was with, well I’m not really sure what her title is, secondary sales perhaps.  We basically went over everything again, including the sales pitch on the trainer plans (got one, don’t need two).

On Tuesday, I had my first meeting with my personal trainer (okay, here we go, let’s get fit).  No, she needed to take my measurements and have me answer questions that I have now answered twice already (there was a homework packet from Monday).  She will also make a nutrition plan for me based on my food likes/dislikes (excuse me, I got in this shape because I don’t have enough food dislikes-when can we get started?).  So, after the meeting with her, I did 14 laps (1 mile) on the walking track:  1.  Because I want to get going already!, 2. Because I’ve paid for this gym membership for at least the past two days, and 3.  Because if I don’t get started soon, this plan will die an early death and the only thing we will get out of this membership is pool access for the kids.

Wednesday, I had way too much on my plate to head in even for a short walk.  But today, I have another meeting with the personal trainer.  Let’s hope I get started today.  I just have to get through my church history study and helping out in the kitchen first.


In totally unrelated news, BooBoo came in to my computer room last night and said “Why can’t Ditty leave me alone?  She always rushes me!  I just want to do things in my own spare time!”  Yeah, me too.  I wish I had “my own spare time”.  By the way, I smoothed that one over with a hug and Oreo cookies.  They were the double stuff kind.


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