The gym and the diet

Okay, I’m two weeks into this and I seriously thought that having one day off from the diet each week would be a good thing.  Not so.  You see, I can cram a lot and I do mean A Lot of calories into my one day off.  I may have to keep calorie counting every day and just allow myself a very slight overage on one day in the week.  Otherwise I feel like I will never see results.

Take today for instance:  Breakfast was two slices of high fiber bread toasted and slathered with peanut butter, a double cup of coffee with caramel flavored creamer (enough to turn the coffee very light colored-think black tea with milk color) and 8 oz of orange juice.  Lunch/brunch was 2 slices of bacon and 2 gingerbread & chocolate chip pancakes (Yes, I did let DH & the kids cook.  How did you guess?) with real maple syrup and a 12 oz glass of orange juice.  Okay, a little heavy on the calories but it was still manageable, but then came the long stretch before supper.   Oh my.  The box of garlic herb Triscuits came out (since when is onion an herb?  These seriously just taste like onion and garlic but I ate them anyway).  I lost count of how many times my hand went into that box.  What I do know is that each six crackers have 120 calories!  Blew it big time.  Supper was spaghetti with meat sauce and cheesy garlic bread.  I was going to break out the salad to go with this, but all my help from lunch suddenly deserted me so I skipped it.

Well, tomorrow is another day and one where I will need to count the calories again.  Hope you had a great weekend.


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