Home.  I think that is one of the warmest, most nurturing words in the English language.  Amy and Robert have brought their new baby girl home by now.   And even with the other six at home, they are probably enjoying the comfort that only home can give.  The father of BooBoo’s school friend has been able to do day treatments for his cancer and remain home in between times which, I think, is so much more healing to both body and mind than a long hospital stay would have been.  He has also been given the gift of another birthday spent with his wife and kids (and I hope & pray that there will be many more yet to come).  My friend, Theresa, deployed with the Red Bulls to Iraq is on her way home.   They have done some great work, helping the Iraqi’s get a command & communication infrastructure set up so that the Iraqi’s will be ready to resume control over their government, military and police forces and won’t have to rely so heavily on outside help.  This was some of the best news that I received, knowing that she and her family will be together again soon.

I went to the gym yesterday and worked out.  The trainer had me doing pull-ups, dips, push-ups and lat pull downs.  Since I am female, upper body strength is not my forte.  Therefore, today I am recovering from all my aches and pains at home.  Thank you God for the sanctuary of home.  I’ll be back at the gym on Monday for my next session.


BooBoo’s sweater is almost finished!  Just a buttonhole row on the Henley neck band and a few rows more after that.  I can hardly wait to have it off the needles.  I’m sure he has probably forgotten all about it by now, but he’ll be thrilled once he gets to wear it.  Photos will be posted as soon as it’s done, I promise.


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