The birthday party

BooBoo was invited to a friend’s birthday party & sleepover last weekend.  It was his first time away from home by himself.  He did fine.  There was no 2 am phone call saying that he was lonesome and wanted to come home.  He was actually bummed to have to leave the party early (8:15am vs 10am) due to a church commitment.

I, on the other hand, didn’t fair quite as well.  I got his stuff packed for the sleepover.  We managed not to forget anything.  As he was putting his suitcase in the van, BooBoo said “It feels like I’m running away.”  I very quickly told him that I would not let him run away.  He then said “I know, that’s because you love me.”  Well, at least he gets that part.  But when we got to the friend’s house and he knew that I would not be there to read to him before he went to bed, the little stinker didn’t want a mommy kiss before I left.

I know he’s growing up and all, but as I said he’s a smart one.  Last night I asked if he wanted a mommy kiss and he said yes.  A very satisfying, whole hearted yes.  The kid knows which side his bread is buttered on, that’s for sure 🙂


I’ve finished knitting BooBoo’s sweater.  Now to weave the underarms, get some buttons and block that puppy!  Then I can take pictures.

I also need to add:  Carol’s cardioversion is scheduled for February 4th, this Thursday.  Please keep her and her loved ones in your prayers!


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