Catholic Schools Week

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  It is Catholic Schools Week here and we have been busy!  Busy finding outfits and doing hair for the various spirit day themes.  Monday was Crazy Hat Day-Ditty put loads of different pins on her hat, BooBoo decided not to wear one and just went in his school uniform that day (more on that later).  They celebrated Community Leaders as well.  Tuesday was Mix & Match with Crazy Hair Day.  Once again Ditty managed to get her own look.  I helped BooBoo spike his hair up, but old man winter foiled BooBoo’s plan by making him wear a hood that crushed his hair back down.  I wasn’t too worried though.  With all that mousse and hairspray in it, his hair probably still looked pretty crazy, even if it was flat (think severe bed head).   They also celebrated Our Students with an ice cream social and, as I found out on Wed. grr, a talent show featuring the teachers.  That one is always silly and fun, I wish I hadn’t missed it.  Wednesday was Dress Up Day (can’t have them looking weird at Mass).  They celebrated Vocations with special speakers.

Today is Sports Day.  The kids get to dress up with their favorite sports team/uniform/jersey they like/support.  I’m glad we don’t get into professional sports here.  I’m also glad that our school does not require their sports day dress to be a nationally recognized team for the kids to participate.  Ditty will wear her school basketball warm up t-shirt and BooBoo will wear his summer baseball team’s uniform.  I did tell him that he didn’t need to wear the special sliding shorts we got him last year today.  Today they celebrate Our Nation.

Friday will be Pajama Day.  Both kids have been told to change out of the pajamas they slept in and wear clean pajamas to school.  Friday is also the Rise & Read breakfast in honor of February being Reading Month (or Literacy Month, or whatever.  Yes, I do know that it is also Black History Month.)  Friday will be a celebration of Faculty, Staff  & Volunteers.  Not sure what they have planned.  And we will close out the week with a Family Fun Night hosted by our wonderful Home & School Association officers.  I think I turned in my volunteer form to help out at FFN.  Wish I remembered which time slot I chose.  Oh well, someone’s bound to remind me sooner or later.

Have a great week.


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    nice post,good work

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