Is it Monday yet?

Wow, what a week.  And even Monday is starting to look more filled in.  Well, regarding my mention in the last post about BooBoo and his school uniform, here’s the scoop.  Normally, when the kids don’t participate in an out of uniform day, they need to wear their school uniform.  And BooBoo is a real rule follower.  It’s an amazing trait in a boy, I know.  So since he did not want to wear a hat, he felt that he needed to be in uniform.  What he (and I) forgot, was that Catholic Schools week is an out of uniform week for the kids.  Oh well, at least I got caught up on the uniforms in the wash last week. And he figured out that he didn’t need to wear his uniform that week regardless of the spirit day theme.

Today was Scout Sunday and we went to the 9 am Mass.  It was nice to see our scouting family there.  After Mass (and doughnuts in the parish hall), we came home and had brunch.  Then it was Quick, get ready to go snow tubing with the Cub Scouts.  DH, Ditty and BooBoo went tubing.  I stayed in the chalet (in our flat Midwestern landscape, “Chalet” is a fancy word for great big warming house, but at least it has tables and seating).  I have finished BooBoo’s sweater and it is blocking.  I asked him what he would prefer me to do with the extra ball of wool, make a hat or socks.  BooBoo decided on socks.  I decided to make the spiral rib tube socks from Melanie Falick’s book Kids Knitting.  No heel turning, no gusset shaping, just keep knitting around and around on my 12 inch circular needle until the sock is long enough to wear.  I will have to figure out how much yarn is half of what’s left so that I can hopefully manage to knit two socks of the same length.  I did get a good start on the first sock though.  These should be a fairly quick knit.

I can’t wait for our trip to Florida.  We will not be doing DisneyWorld this time or any of the Anheiser Busch theme parks.  We are going to be in Florida during a peak attendance time for the parks, so it would be a waste of money to go to a theme park just to wait in line for two to three hours per ride.  I have been researching day trips from the book fun with the Family Florida.  It’s an offshoot of the Insiders’ Guide series.  They have many ideas that sound very fun and will be things the kids like as well.  There’s Castillo de San Marcos National Monument (historical and they fire the cannon on the weekends), St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum (you can climb the 219 steps to the top of the tower and they have a scout patch program for the kids too), De Leon Springs State Park has a restaurant inside the park that has griddles set into the center of the tables and you can make your own pancakes (yes, I know we can do that at home too, but it sounds more fun when you do it somewhere else), there are also a couple of stables that offer horseback riding for kids as young as BooBoo so we might try one of those.  And there are factory tours available if we choose.  DH wants to spend at least one day by the ocean for some swimming and a couple of days with his parents at their winter home.  I also want to spend a day in Savannah, Georgia at the birthplace of Juliet Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts.  Since Ditty is a girl scout and a very dedicated one (she plans to be a girl scout through 12th grade), it would be great to see the founder’s childhood home.   

Well, I’m getting tired so good night all.


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  1. Nan
    Feb 07, 2010 @ 23:03:55

    When I was about 20, my whole family went to CA for an Easter family reunion. We hopped into my uncle’s RV and went to Disneyland, a couple hours from where we were staying; everyone but my grandma, my aunt and her 2-year-old had to go. My mom thought it was unfair that Amanda couldn’t go and she had to. I wasn’t raised religious so going to an amusement park during Holy Week wasn’t a problem.

    I swear to you, all we did was go on one ride at a time and meet for our check-in to make sure nobody was lost. There were about a billion people. It was horrendous. Probably one of the worst days of the year to go.

  2. thefrenchchick
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 08:14:51

    Yes, a guidebook that I bought(Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World) for our last trip there five years ago had a list of crowd patterns and basically said that if school is out or it is a holiday, the parks will be at peak attendance. We did three theme parks with the kids the last time, so this time we’re showing them that there is more to Florida than theme parks and expensive rides. The state park system has parks with manatees in residence (different parks depending on the time of year) so that would be something the kids would enjoy and can’t see here.

    Once we figure out what we want to see, I will have a better idea of where we will be on any given date. Then I can check out the nearby churches for mass times. It may sound like a backwards way of finding a Mass to attend, but traffic is horrendous during spring break and I don’t want to miss Mass because we were trying to drive farther than we needed. I really appreciate the website Very user friendly and having the church’s website available so I can double check mass times for holy days is great.

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