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Well, the trip up north last week was unproductive as well as unnerving.  Unproductive since oldest Daughter did not get the job (small sigh of relief from me).  And unnerving for many reasons: 1.) the conversation with the owner of a bead shop about the lack of employment opportunities in that town (2600 applicants for one cook’s position), 2.) the conversation I had with the owner of another shop in town.  She saw my sweatshirt and asked where I was from.  She didn’t know that we had a Catholic school in our “small town” (okay, we’re about one-fourth to one-fifth the size of the city she lives in but that’s still not as small as the town I grew up in).  She started telling me about this “wonderful bishop” she knew back when they were both in New Ulm and how much she didn’t like his successor (my own, now, archbishop).  It soon became clear that I needed to leave the store or I would end up in hospital from bite injuries to my tongue, and 3.) One of oldest daughter’s so-called friends managed, in the hour and forty-five minutes that we were actually in town, to hit her up for $100.  Not as a temporary loan, but as a “gift”.  Oldest daughter lives in our house rent free because she needs to find a steady job.  She also needs to get her driver’s license so that she can drive herself to work.  She also needs to save her money to buy a car and the requisite car insurance, etc. that goes with having a car.  She wants to go back to school (it won’t be on our dime) to study to become a veterinary technician.  So why she gave away that much money to someone who will never pay it back, ?????!  But this does explain why I don’t want her in that town ever again.  And I did tell her that I would not help her get there ever again.  I know that I need to let her make her own mistakes in life, but I just can’t be a party to the making of them.  Not this.

The week did get better though.  Thursday brought with it the busiest day of my week.  I went to the Epic study, helped serve lunch at the school attended by my younger two kids, got in a workout at the gym, purchased the last minute groceries for a lovely dinner for the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, made dinner, had a nice sit down meal with the family (this happens pretty much every night but this meal was special), got Ditty registered for summer soccer, told one of the summer soccer organizers that DH would sponsor a team this year, made it to the HSA meeting on time and listened to a wonderful presentation from our guest speaker about the MAP test that the school is now using with our kids.  And amazingly, the scores my kids got probably do reflect where they are at, at least after hearing our speaker say that some kids may decide that they are done with test taking (the test is given on a computer) which would give a very plausible explanation for BooBoo’s score.

Friday was more relaxed.  A nice fish dinner and a quick trip to Target for a birthday present for Ditty’s school chum’s party.  DH asked why we were having a candle on the table two nights in a row.  I explained that the light blue candle was in honor of Mary, at least for Thursday, and that the cooking fish is a rather smelly business, necessitating the lighting of the candle on Friday.  Saturday was busy again with swim lessons,  a birthday party invitation for Ditty and more gym time and the weekend grocery stock up for me.  Got a nice surprise in the grocery store.  They were offering cereal at four boxes for ten dollars.  I had a one dollar off coupon if I purchase three boxes and the store had a coupon in-house that offered a free gallon of milk if you bought four boxes of that brand.  So I got four boxes of cereal for nine dollars and a free gallon of milk as well, saving me about $4.19.  Not bad for just one item on my list.  My total savings with coupons and buy one get one free offers was $17.37 or approximately 21% of my grocery bill.

Sunday we went to Mass and then picked up the food we were bringing to a potluck at a friend’s house.  We watched the Daytona 500 with our friends.  This probably doesn’t sound too romantic, but it was a fun time.  We played dice while waiting for the track to get fixed.  The food was excellent too.  And the driver whose name I drew came in second, which made the race exciting at the end.

BooBoo has a chiropractor appointment today.  Hopefully we can resolve his neck issues.  He has been getting stiffness in his neck off and on for about three or four years now.  Usually the stiffness resolves itself in a day or two at most.  This time, his neck has been stiff for almost a week.  I took him in last week and the chiropractor did x-rays.  Those should be back today and perhaps he can do some adjusting for the little guy.


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