The neck bone’s connected to the . . .

Well, BooBoo has been to the chiropractor Monday and Tuesday of this week and will need to be adjusted Wednesday and Friday as well.  And before anyone gripes about chiropractors, let me just say that I believe there are some things (okay most things) that medical doctors do well and there are some things (stiff necks, sore backs) that chiropractors do well.

The initial diagnosis (on Monday) was that BooBoo will need about 18 adjustments to put the natural curve back into his neck.  The chiropractor we saw said that he had never seen a neck as straight as BooBoo’s in a kid so young without some type of birth trauma (on Friday).  I explained that BooBoo was a c-section delivery so no birth trauma.  Then later (why do we always remember what we need to tell a doctor after we leave the doctor’s office?), I remembered our camping trip and subsequent hike just before BooBoo turned 5 years old.  We almost lost the little guy over a cliff on that hike.  He fell over the edge and landed first on a rock some 4-4 1/2 feet below the trail on his stomach and then rolled over and fell about another foot onto a rock ledge that was about 6 inches wider than he was at the time (he was, and still is, a rather skinny kid).  So I mentioned this to the doctor when we went into the office on Monday.  He said that could definitely be the cause of all this.  And these stiff neck episodes of BooBoo’s did start happening that autumn about 2 months after the camping trip.

Well, two of the x-rays needed to be redone.  After the doctor looked at BooBoo’s new x-rays, he said that it might even be possible to get the proper alignment back with fewer adjustments as BooBoo’s neck was starting to readjust a bit by itself.  Since it was not readjusting as quickly as it used to and there is no guarantee that it would get completely back in place on its own, I felt that we still need to get BooBoo some relief from his neck pain.  His neck had now been stiff and painful for a week and realistically, how long can an 8 year old be expected to suffer like this.  So we went ahead with the adjustments. 

BooBoo’s neck is improving and he is sleeping better as well.  And I am wishing that I had thought to do this three years ago when his neck pain first started.  But maybe there just needed to be a chiropractor in town that I could trust.  Why do I trust this one you ask.   For the best reason in the world.  I know his mother.


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