Just flew in from. . .

Typing, and boy are my hands tired.

I spent most of last weekend typing handouts for a Girl Scout leader training that I will be presenting mid-April.  The handout packet ended up being twenty pages long, including the two page training evaluation.  I’m hoping the leaders at the training will be willing to give me lots of feedback about the training. 

I have put together short round table/enrichment type trainings before.  This one will be my first full length training.  I’m hoping this one will be about two to two and one-half hours in length, mainly because these leaders will be getting trained at an event that their troop is attending.  Which means that I get the adults for just over three hours.  I can fill the remainder of the time with a question and answer session and/or let them peruse the print resources for the older girl program.  I just don’t want the training session to be too short.  Bored leaders are unhappy and that will not help them to retain what they’ve just learned.

So now  I just have to meet with my council’s training department to get approval for this training.  My meeting should be happening this Friday.  Wish me luck!


BooBoo continues to make progress with his chiropractic treatments.  He is “not quite an owl yet” (doctor’s comment) but the range of motion in his neck is much better than it was.  We have two exercises that he needs to do 2-3 times each day.  I have to be more proactive in reminding him to do them.  I’ve gotten so used to the kids being self-sufficient with so much of what they need to do.  It’s easy for me to slip into the “Oh, they know what to do and they’ll just do it” mode.  I need to be in the “He’s only 8, he needs reminding” state of mind.  So we did his exercises together tonight after he got ready for bed.  He still thinks other people (me included) look funny doing these exercises and he tends to spend more time laughing than holding the stretch.  It’s good to hear him laugh though.

School conferences are coming up soon.  Right before spring break.  I hope the kids have it together.  We’ve always had good conferences in the past, but someone’s been slipping in the spelling department again and there aren’t too many weeks left to bring that grade up.  Prayers needed for the poor speller.

The housework schedule has been working very well.  I have gotten behind a few times but I now can find time in the schedule to do the catch up work.  Our weekends have been too busy to plan and execute a cooking session for the freezer.  I did, however, get both freezers defrosted this week so maybe I can dream up a cooking session for this saturday.  It would be so nice to have variety back in my freezer meal choices again.


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