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My local Girl Scout council has decided to approve the training that I spent the better portion of last weekend typing, at least for the training session that I will be doing mid-April.  They have listened to the volunteers and the volunteers want age level trainings.  Yay! 

Council is also working on a new Cadette/Senior/Ambassador age level training and trying to decide if these should be separate trainings or one combined older girl training as before.  Personally, I vote for one combined training.  I mean really, once you learn to work with girls as they hit that hormonal stage it’s all rather similar for the next few years, just slightly different issues.  And it does get easier, once they get past 8th grade they start to become human again so talking with them is actually possible.

The other news is that after spring break, I will be gainfully employed.  On a part time temporary basis.  But still, since I haven’t held a paying job for the last ten (oh my goodness, has it been that long?) years, this is a nice start.  A friend asked me if I would be interested in answering phones at their office three days a week for about four hours a day.  Yes, I’m interested!  And it will be a lovely way to help out this friend as she is going to be having radiation treatments during that time to hopefully ensure a complete recovery from the cancer that doctor’s found last fall. 

And the Girl Scout cookies have arrived, so I have been busy sorting and bagging Ditty’s cookie orders.  Yes, I know that I should have made her do this since she is fully capable of doing it.  However, it is Lent and she gave up candy this year.  So since looking at all those cookie boxes would have been a bit painful, I did the bagging.  We both went out together and delivered a good portion of them.  We should get more of them delivered on Monday and the vast majority of them will be out of my house by Friday.  With the exception being the large order that I put in for us.  Speaking of which, since most of the varieties that I ordered contain chocolate, we will be eating the non-chocolate ones during Lent so that Ditty can enjoy them with us too.  She seems to be having a visibly harder time with her sacrifice than BooBoo.

Speaking of the little guy, BooBoo gave up television for Lent.  Since he is one who could sit in front of the tube for hours on end watching movies and shows, it really has surprised me at how well he is doing.  He has rediscovered puzzles, plays games (both on and off the computer) and has even taken to reading some of his easier books on his own.  His Legos are well played with and he & DH built the ferris wheel out of the 426 piece erector set he got for Christmas.

I do let the kids have what they gave up on Sundays, but I don’t let them go overboard.  Ditty needs some guidance on how much is too much.  BooBoo on the other hand, as one friend put it is “self limiting”.  He only asks to watch one movie on Sunday (with popcorn) and since he only watches G and PG movies, he only watches about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of tv on Sunday.

The socks are coming along, but since I only get to knit while waiting for BooBoo at the chiropractor lately, they are coming along in short 15-20 minute twice a week stints.

I’d better head off to bed.  Tomorrow is Girl Scout Sunday and I’m sacristan for that Mass.  Good night and God bless.


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