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I know that I promised you a post about our vacation.  It will come, just not today.  Today I need to talk about something else.  Today I need to talk about the lack of support women receive in our society.  Particularly when they want to choose life.

A woman that I know only through her posts on a webgroup that we both belong to has been given some very painful information about the baby she was carrying.  She was told by doctors that the baby had extremely severe genetic defects and if carried to term the baby would not survive, either the birth process or if by some miracle the baby survived the birth process, the baby would not live long outside the womb.  She was also told that her life was in danger if the baby’s spinal fluid got into her system.  The spinal area being one of the defects.

She was told by the doctors that they would refuse to deliver the baby at term because the neonatal unit of the hospital was not equipped to handle a baby with such severe defects.  She was told that even basic nutrition would be withheld from the baby even if she somehow managed to deliver the baby at term.  She was told that in spite of the danger to herself, a c-section was not “medically necessary” and so would not be performed to allow the baby to be born without the danger of spinal fluid getting into her system.

In short, those doctors gave this mother NO support in her struggle to choose life for her unborn child.  NO support to allow her, the baby and the baby’s father what little time together they might have as a family.  NO time to grieve over this loss, NO time to prepare for a natural death.  One of the things that a doctor promises in the Hippocratic Oath is to “I will keep them from harm and injustice”.  They promise “I will not give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.  Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.”  How do those doctors justify their actions in this woman’s case?  How have they “kept from harm or injustice” this mother and her child?

And to ice the cake, they sent her to another city this morning to receive the abortion that they pushed her to get!  I’ve cried for this mother and her unborn child.  Possibly to the point that DH is beginning to think I’ve lost my mind.  But I assure you my mind and my heart know what’s going on and I am deeply grieved by it. 

Please pray for this mother and the baby she was forced by those doctors to abort.  Please pray for her husband who is trying so hard to comfort his wife as they grieve for their unborn child and for their son who is too young to understand yet will know that mommy and daddy are sad about something.  And pray for those doctors, that they may see the error of their ways and that they will act in future in accordance with their Hippocratic Oath, supporting and truly caring for the lives entrusted to them.  And finally, please pray for all of the people victimized by abortion that they might find healing in God’s presence.


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