Another beginning

Today BooBoo made his First Holy Communion.  I am very proud of how well behaved he was through it all.  And how attentive he was, at least to the details.

BooBoo was asked to be one of the four students who brought up the gifts at offertory time.  He paid attention and when he saw the ushers come forward to take up the collection, he turned to me and asked: “Should I go now?”.  “Yes”, I told him, “It’s time”.  Then before it was time for us to go forward and receive communion, he made sure to tell me that he needed to receive ahead of the rest of our family.  “Yes”, I assured him, “I know that you need to be first and after we have all exited the pew, we will wait and you can walk up first.”  I also told him that I had his father make sure that his sisters were aware of this too so there wouldn’t be any slip ups from them.

BooBoo was so glad to finally be able to go up for communion without having to cross his arms over his chest, the sign our parish uses when the person coming forward is not receiving communion for whatever reason.  He is really feeling like one of the big kids now.

We had the family over after Mass for brunch.  BooBoo chose the menu, or at least most of it, I made a few suggestions.  We had pancakes, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs (my addition), freshly colored Easter eggs (in honor of the season), mixed greens salad, fruit salad, milk, coffee and grape juice (why he chose grape, I don’t know) followed by cake and ice cream after BooBoo opened his gifts.

BooBoo got some really nice gifts too.  A mahogany rosary box and prayer card from his godparents.  A t-shirt that reads “Jesus Inside” on the front and “Adoramus Te Domine” (Adore your Lord/God) on the back along with a bag of Skittles from his aunt and uncle.  A cross with kneeling child statuette from my parents and a Catholic Children’s Bible and book mark from DH’s parents.  We gave him a gift set with a Children’s missal, rosary, scapular, pin, bookmark and candle; a book about St. John Vianney and a storybook “The Caterpillar That Came to Church, A Story of the Eucharist”.

BooBoo spent the rest of the day in that t-shirt and spent a good deal of time reading his new Bible too.  I overheard him telling Ditty tonight as they were having their bedtime snack, “I’ve read all the way through the Old Testament already and I’m starting on the New Testament!”.  It’s so cute that he thinks he’s really read the entire Old Testament.  Yes, I will eventually break the news to him that there is more to the Old Testament than what is contained in his Children’s Bible.  But not just yet.  I am all too aware that yet another of his “firsts” is also another of my “lasts”.

So rejoice with us on BooBoo’s First Holy Communion.  It really has been a special day for a special kid.  He is growing in God’s love.  Praise the Lord!


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