Cue Theme Change

Yes, I’ve been playing around again.  This time, it’s a theme change.  Several blog friends have been doing the same and it felt like the right time to try a theme with some color.  So here it is.  How long it lasts will depend on how long I like it.

And let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier than painting the living room.


Edited on May 8th to add:  I’m back.  I found out that the subpages were not displaying.  Since none of my readers could access them, I  have changed back to my original theme.  I’ll play around with some other themes in the future, but any that stay here have to support what I’ve already typed.  Because no mom has enough time in her day to retype nine pages!


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"Among those around you, apostolic soul, you are the stone fallen into the lake. With your word and your example, you produce a first circle, and it another, and another, and another, wider each time. Now do you understand the greatness of your mission?" St. Josemarie Escriva: The Way
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