Happy Mother’s Day

To all the moms and moms to be, I just wanted to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!”.  Thank you. For caring about your children, for giving them your love and support, for giving them life.  Children are the greatest blessing in our lives.  They are the leaders of tomorrow and our promise for the future.  And we, the moms of this world, nurture their dreams and aspirations.  We help them to become whatever they want to be.  We’re the ones who find the towel or blanket and a safety pin when they need a cape “because superheroes need capes, mom”.  We take them to the library when they need a book on how to draw horses, because they’ve just had their first real trail ride and loved it.

So bring us those bouquets of dandelions and the childrens triumphant smiles on presenting them to us.  After all, if they pick the darn things now, they can’t go to seed and create more.  And unfortunately, children outgrow dandelion bouquets way too fast.  In a couple of years I’ll have to hire someone to kill those obnoxious weeds, but for now at least, the kids will get the job done.

Oh, and say a prayer for my next door neighbor.  She had a lawn service out to kill the weeds in her yard a couple of years ago.  But since she lives next to me, the weeds are creeping back into her yard again.  Mea culpa! So very, very sorry!


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