Welcome to another episode of “The Frantic Chef”

Seriously, with everything that was on the calendar and many things still coming up, that’s what it feels like around here.

Wednesday I tried to grill some skin on chicken that I had put into a marinade and tossed in the freezer several weeks ago.  Our grill is not the best and unfortunately it flared up so much that the chicken burnt on the outside.  I called DH in a tither and asked him what he wanted from Arby’s.  To his credit, after asking what I was upset about, he said a roast beef sandwich would be fine. 

Now I’m not one to totally give up on a meal unless it is completely unsalvageable.  Wednesday however was so busy with multiple events going on pretty much simultaneously so I threw the chicken into a plastic container and stuffed it into the fridge to see if I could salvage anything later.

Last night I took out the chicken.  Upon inspection, it was really only the skin that had charred so I removed that and chopped the semi-cooked chicken into pieces and tossed together a quick white sauce.  Added the chicken and the partially microwave steamed veggies and we had a mixture that could go over noodles, rice, popovers or biscuits.  I boiled and buttered some noodles and served it to the family.  I would offer a photo, but DH and the kids inhaled it before we headed out for the kids spring program at school.  Even BooBoo, who will not abide gravy of any kind gave it a thumbs up.  I told him that the chicken was in a white sauce, it’s not gravy (may the good Lord pardon me for that one).

I am amazed at the goodness that can flow from our efforts sometimes, even when we are frantically trying to create a meal.  The “recipe” is now posted under the recipes tab at the top.  And you are most certainly allowed to just cook the chicken without burning it first.  I would have preferred not to burn mine too, but then we wouldn’t have a new recipe to enjoy.


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