Waiting, waiting, waiting

I am waiting for school to be done.  Why is it that the months roll by so fast, then when we get to the last three weeks of school time crawls by so slowly?  Really! I can’t stand it anymore.  I don’t know how my kids can be okay with the slowness of time.  I just want to get outside and have some fun.  And very little scheduling, very little.  I even balked at the idea of scheduling another camping trip, but we’ll be going anyway.  For two nights, midweek, because the tall ships are coming to our area and it would be nice to watch them sail into port.

I bought plants on Sunday for the front flower garden.  The chamomile that I planted last year didn’t make it through the winter.  The yarrow looks pretty sparse too.  Two more of my Jacob’s ladder plants bit the dust, a Columbine gave up the ghost and one of my Leopard’s Bane did too.  All in all, more plants are alive than dead, but the ones that went left some major holes in the grand scheme of things.  So, I bought one more Jacob’s Ladder and another Leopard’s Bane, a Columbine and a Cranesbill.  I also bought two more Johnson’s Blue Geraniums, one for me and one for my friend Judi who gave me the spiderwort, chamomile, yarrow, loads of mini irises and a bunch of one plant that we still haven’t identified yet (some day I’ll get on that).  Judi has always liked the ones I have in my garden, they were just never full enough to divide so I bought her one instead.  I also got the Coral Bells plant that I bought last fall into the front garden.  I’m amazed that it survived in a pot in the house that long, but I’m sure that it will do even better in the flower garden.  Now to get them all planted.

I also picked up some annuals for the multiple pots that I have outside as well.  I don’t mind potting up a few annuals.  It’s the thought of planting them in the garden year after year that would make me ill.  For the pots, I have two Mexican Heather plants, 4 six packs of Portulaca (Moss Roses to me), 8 Asparagus Ferns and 1 Snapdragon (a Mother’s Day gift from BooBoo).  The violas that I planted last year are also trying to make a comeback.  Apparently no one told them that they are annuals and should have died out last fall.  Oh well, less to buy I guess.

I will have to find time to plant the garden this spring too.  Hopefully this weekend so that whatever is planted will have enough time to grow and actually produce vegetables for our table.  I have three tomato plants.  I only wanted two, but after I bought them I noticed that one of the containers held two plants.  And of course I only bought two tomato cages, so back to the store I will go.  I also have a buttercup squash plant this year.  My mother keeps saying how good cooked squash is, I’m still on the fence about this and part of me is hoping the rabbits enjoy this plant, only this plant-they can leave the rest alone.

I’m also waiting for the announcement of some new babies.  Shoestring Alley and her husband should be parents any day now.  And Lightening, our daycamp Caddie coordinator is expecting her baby this summer as well.  Time for some busy knitting and/or crocheting.  I can crochet speedily, knitting is more meditative for me.

I’m also waiting to get together with friends on our annual camping excursions.  As well as a troop campout with Ditty’s Scout troop.  It will be good to get outside and have some fun.

Well, the day is nice and the laundry is calling.  Enjoy you’re Memorial Day weekend.


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