She’s got wheels!

Well, not until she can afford to buy a car, and the insurance, and the gas.  But my eldest child now has her driver’s license.

Yes, she passed her test this afternoon.  Then she promptly asked me to drive her to the courthouse so she could do the paperwork.


You said you passed. 

Why would I need to be the one driving her there?

So I “complained” that the seat was too far forward and she’d have to drive to the courthouse.  She did and when we got there, after the whole four block drive, she promptly moved the seat back so I couldn’t use that excuse again.  (Well, at least I taught the kid how to remove obstacles to getting things done, I guess.)

As I was waiting for her to get the paperwork processed, a man and his son walked by.  The son had just gotten his license that day too.  The dad seemed very proud and said “Now that you’ve got your license, you can drive me home!” 

Son: “No thanks Dad.”

Dad: “But why not?”

Son: “I just don’t feel like it.”

Well, I’m glad it’s not just my kid!  And yes, like that dad, I had to drive home too.


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