A Knitterly review

It’s been a long time since I updated with a post on knitting.  Not for lack of effort, just too many irons in the fire.  I still have to finish the toes on BooBoo’s socks.  Yes, I know that project should have been done ages ago, but like I said “too many irons”.  I also have to untangle the mess I made of the circular needles that I was knitting them on.  When we went down to Florida for spring break, I forgot to pack my dpns and so I tried to make the cables of the circs smaller by looping them through the knitting a second time.  An incredibly stupid idea from an incredibly desperate knitter.  To DH’s credit, he did actually ask if I wanted to stop at a yarn shop to pick up a new set of dpns.  Amazing since he’s never been real supportive of my knitting habit.  I should have taken him up on the offer, but I was in a “cheap mood” and was determined to macgyver my way out of my dilema.  Never again, I promise!

I’ve also still got the crochet lace for that summer sweater which I promised Ditty I would make for her last summer on my hook.  Someday, someday, it will be a beautiful sweater.  Maybe after I finish a baby sweater and hat & undo the mess of the circs on BooBoo’s socks.

But on to some fun stuff regarding knitting.  More with Les (rss feed in the column to your right) has been knitting up some lovely projects.  Check them out! 

Also, she has designed some very beautiful hats and is selling the patterns on Ravelry.  I plan to order the Jake pattern and maybe make some for Ditty’s school basketball team.  Check out all her cute patterns for some lighter summer knitting.  You’ll be so proud of yourself to be ready for the cool fall weather with beautiful, warm hats.

And check out the cool pictures of Cal U on her blog too.  I’ve never been there, but it looks like a neat place to visit.

Well, the munchkins are all awake now after some very late nights and the laundry is calling as well.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to knit tonight.  Enjoy your weekend.


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