Wow, is it that time already?

Sorry loyal readers it’s been very hectic here in the great white frozen north.  The second to last week of July had me and the kiddos at Girl Scout daycamp for the whole week with an overnight camp out on Thursday night.  BooBoo enjoyed his time with us girls, he doesn’t participate in the activities but gets to wander at will through the camp.  Frenzied moms, please don’t get worried, the boy can hear my voice from where ever he is at the time.  The camp is good sized but not overly large.  If I stand by the Nature shed and call him, he’ll hear me everytime. 

Then the weekend brought DH’s 30 year high school reunion.  Yes, we’re really getting that old.  I refused to attend Friday night because I had just come off of two days of Girl Scout camp without a shower and I knew that I would be too tired to stay up as late as he would want to be there, even if that was only until 10 p.m.  So I went with him to the more informal Saturday night party.  I can honestly say that they really shouldn’t do two nights anymore at this point.  Less than half of the Friday night group showed up and most of those left by 10 p.m.

Sunday brought the after Mass volunteer sign up table work and an opportunity to see our local community theater’s production of the Wizard of Oz.  Then I had Monday and Tuesday to catch up on housework before heading up north on Wednesday for camping and to watch the Tall Ships sail into the harbor at the Tall Ships festival.  We got to tour the main deck of two out of the six ships that docked there, the Pride of Baltimore II and the Roald Amunson.  It was really neat and I promise to post pictures soon.

This weekend involved soccer tournament play for Ditty.  Her team was the number 3 seed in the tournament and unfortunately, they ended up in fourth place.  Not sure if the weather (hot and muggy), the length of the season (about 2 weeks too long for me) or excessive hanging out with friends contributed to their lackadaisical attitude toward the final two games they played.  Oh well, at least soccer is now over for another year.

So now I can concentrate on getting the house shipshape again.  And finding time to post those pictures.  Enjoy your week!


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