The pics boss, the pics.

Thank you Tattoo.  Yes, here are the pictures I promised you.

Yes, it does rather freak me out how close they get to the edge!

Apparently the water falls are rather captivating from this angle.  I wouldn’t know.  I can’t bring myself to get that close.

Yeah, they’re pretty.  Photos really don’t do justice to waterfalls.  The brown of the river is due to the tamarack trees.

The HMS Bounty out on Lake Superior heading in toward the harbor.

Here is the Niagara, after firing her cannons.  I did say the Tall Ships were pretty cool, didn’t I?

This was the view as we waited in line to tour the main deck of each ship.  Nothing but masts and rigging as far as the eye can see.  There were five ships allowing tours.  The sixth ship, the Zeeto, was actually too small to allow onboard tours.  Two other ships were doing Sail Aways for people willing to pay the $202 per person ticket price.

We saw this poster onboard the Pride of Baltimore II.  Now when someone tells you that they’ve just “learned the ropes’, you’ll understand what a tough job that entails.

The Roseway heading out of the harbor for a SailAway.  Got this picture from the deck of the Roald Amunson.  Thank you to the crew for not being too put out about it.

Well, that’s about it.  Enjoy your travels!


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