A new project

I’m currently working on a scarf for Ditty.  The pattern is the double cable scarf from the book One Skein by Leigh Radford.

Why yes, I am tweaking it a bit.  You know me so well.

I decided to knit it with the same Malabrigo yarn that I used for her Amanda hat.  Might as well since I still have two and a half skeins left. 

I’m making the cables go the whole way around the scarf  since I didn’t care for the intervening k2p2 rib in the original pattern.  But I probably won’t switch the direction they twist since that would require some intense calculation of remaining yardage and I don’t want to do the math on this one.  

I also plan to make it longer than the 38 inch original pattern because I like longer scarves and I have the excess yarn to do it.

In fact, there may be a pair of mittens in this for Ditty too.  Especially if I get sick of doing so many cable twists.

Pictures will be forthcoming when I have enough of the scarf completed to get a decent picture of it.

Happy knitting.


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