The laundry fairy

Well, it’s official.  The laundry fairy hates me! 

I went ahead and got the laundry sorted and down to the laundry room in record time this week.  Actually got the wash loads started yesterday.  Then I come to find out after 4 loads (started with the darks), that the water softener is not removing the rust from our water.  The rust has now permanently and noticably stained 5 shirts and one pair of ivory shorts.

Why did this have to happen when I’ve just gotten things on track?  And why could the rust stains not have happened on some old or ratty looking cheap to replace shirts?  Instead, it happened on the brand name shirts and shorts.  Yes, I did get them below retail price.  Off of clearance racks, but we still liked them and were still happy wearing them.  And one of the shirts was Ditty’s brand new glitter t-shirt that she picked out when Grandma took her shopping.  Granted, I didn’t like that one all that much.  Can you imagine a washing machine and dryer full of glitter every time you wash clothes? 

I’m hoping that Ditty’s shirt will be salvageable once the water softener gets sorted out.  The shorts should be okay after a treatment with Iron Out since they are almost white anyway.  The other shirts may have to go through the Iron Out treatment and then be bleached and re-dyed.  I’m hoping that goes well.

In the meantime, what does one do to appease an angry laundry fairy anyway?


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