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Years ago when I was a work-outside-the-home mom, a co-worker of mine and her husband were hosting a gentleman from Germany at their home.  He was here to learn about the company where her husband worked and he made an observation that we tend to talk about the weather a lot.  I remember looking at my co-worker and saying “Well, when you live in a place where the weather can kill you, it does make sense that we’re going to talk about it.”  To supply the context, it was summer and we had recently experienced some tornadoes with resulting heavy damage and if I remember correctly, three people killed.

It always surprises outsiders that we can converse so freely about the weather while ignoring other topics.  Quite frankly though politics is just a nasty hot button with people and religion equally so.  If people aren’t willing to open up about themselves, then it can be difficult to find topics of conversation.  And even if they do, there are so many different genres of books, ways to cook, multiple hobbys, etc. that finding common interests can be daunting.  Which pretty much leaves us with the weather.

And as I said before; when the weather can kill you, it does become a rather interesting topic.  Here in the northern Midwest, we have the spring melt which can flood low lying areas quickly.  We also have summer thunderstorms which can produce anything from tornadoes to golf ball (and sometimes larger) sized hail.  And we have winter with its attendant blizzards and -40F (and sometimes lower) windchills that can either get you hopelessly lost (blizzards) and frozen or can give you a bad case of frostbite.  Yes, you can lose fingers and toes when it gets that cold.  I know, now you’re wondering why I (or anyone) would choose to live here.

Well actually, it’s because my favorite season is Fall (or Autumn to some).  I love that the weather settles down in Fall.  No nasty storms waking me from a dead sleep with noises that sound so much like tornadoes.  No dangerously freezing cold, just a crispness in the air that promises the apples on the tree are ready to eat.  And the leaves, the leaves are so beautiful in their reds, oranges, golds, yellows and even browns that it’s like having trees full of flowers.  It is absolutely beautiful here in Fall.

And happily for me, we’re almost there.  September is right around the corner.  The apple orchards will be opening up soon.  My favorite is one that’s not too far away.  It has provided my children with many fun days and hopefully down the road of time, they will remember how much they loved playing in the bins, feeding the cows cobs of corn, petting the baby chickens and picking out apples and a pumpkin or two to take home. 

Fall is the perfect time of year.  The crisp autumn air makes you want to get outside.  Walking in the woods, just basking in the colors of the leaves is so refreshing.  It works up a hearty appetite for those dishes we call comfort food.  Those fresh from the oven casseroles and stews or hearty soups on the stove that when accompanied by fresh baked bread fill the house with such glorious smells and warmth.  And mountains of apple crisp warm and delicious with a dollop of cold ice cream on top. 

So I’m glad that summer is coming to an end.  The heat and humidity have almost done me in.  Fall’s crisp temps will be very welcome in the coming days.  And I will nest again with my books, my knitting and my homey comfort foods and get ready for winter’s cold.  If anyone knows of a place where it’s Fall year ’round, let me know.  I might be amenable to moving there.

Have a blessed week.


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    Aug 31, 2010 @ 04:54:44

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